Thursday, September 10, 2009

September 4, 2009: The Secret Place, Iowa: State #3

Friday was a beautiful day and we took advantage of it by going to “The Secret Place” in Iowa. “The Secret Place” was a beautiful sanctuary almost, with a slightly large lake and weeping willows cascading around it. Wild flowers decorated the shores and there were fields surrounding with trails cut into the wild grasses.

Even Paradise had it’s tree of knowledge. The object we had to worry about was a tree the locals called a Locust Tree. The trees had thorns or spines on them that could be about 3 inches long. The branches, that were full of those thorns, would hang over the trails. It’s not so much that they were painful, because believe me, they were, but they are ‘poisonous’ in a way. Most people who were scratched by a thorn would get a big welt and it swell real bad. I must have been one of the lucky ones not to be effected by that tree. My scratch did not swell or cause a welt.

Trail Riding with Linda is a lot like Riding with Miss Daisy, I bet. We are going along and suddenly the trail stops. Linda had decided to make her own trail and we got lost. Not lost to the point of “OMG we are lost!!!!!” but we defiantly were not on the trail. The horses didn’t seem to mind too much and the terrain wasn’t that bad, so we eventually found are way back to the trail and continued on our way.

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