Thursday, September 10, 2009

September 2, 2009: Two Rivers, Nebraska: State #4

It was suppose to rain on this day, but apparently luck was on my side and it did not. We were able to go to Two Rivers, Nebraska. State #4!

Nebraska, like Illinois, is one of those states that you have to PAY to get in. They should be paying us to get into it, not the other way around. It’s not a lot of money, $2.00 I think, but it’s the principle of it.

Rio was my trusty steed for the rest of the week. I really liked this horse, although some might wonder why. He was gangly and had a crazy, thick mane; he was sort of mahogany in color with milk chocolate eyes. But he was a sweet boy and an excellent ride and reminded me of a combination of both of my boys. Him and his owner, Jane had sort of grown apart in the past year. She was having some issues with him and I’m sure he with her. Jane graciously let me use Rio to get more time on him.

Nebraska is full of wild sunflowers. You see them everywhere you go and in large, beautiful fields. It’s almost like a sea of yellow and grasshoppers are all over the place.

We rode around this big pond first. The pond had sand around it complete with big, tall trees. There was even a small snake that looked like a stick on the trail. Linda believed it to be a stick even after I said it was a snake, until the stick moved. Snake! I love being right! :)

When we took the trails in the woods, I was amazed at how narrow and windy they were and the horses were fabulous! We met up with flock of turkeys, who were as un-phased by us as the horses were of them; and, we were blessed to see a Momma Doe with her Bambi Fawn.

We came upon one of the rivers and let the horses get a drink. Rio is not a fan of water or mud or getting his feet wet so, it took some convincing to get him to cross the river. The part we crossed was only about 4 feet wide and a couple inches deep. We took our time, however, and I tried not to make it a scary thing. Patience is your greatest skill when it comes to horses.

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