Thursday, September 10, 2009

September 4, 2009: The Language of Friendship is Not Words But Meanings

Jane came over this night to work with Rio and I. As I said before, they had started to grow apart and Jane didn’t seem to know what to do. Sometimes an outsider coming in not really knowing either party can help. I was just that outsider. There are all sorts of training methods and EVERYONE has the RIGHT way, however, I am NOT about to say what I do is right for everyone, but it seemed to work for Rio and Jane.

The truth of the matter was they didn’t really grow apart as far as Jane had thought. I showed Jane some of the ways I worked with Ray and it seemed to click with them. Respect should be mutual between the horse and the rider, most definitely not lopsided. By the time she left, Rio wasn’t walking all over her, Jane lounged and rode Rio safely and got him into the trailer all by herself. Yay!

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