Wednesday, September 9, 2009

August 31, 2009 Iowa/Nebraska Trip

The first day of my trip to Iowa/Nebraska. Basically, the day of traveling. I got a late start (did we expect anything less?) and hit the road at about 11. Everyone told me “Iowa is the most boring state to drive through, hope you have enough songs on your Ipod.” Ok, Ipod packed with good songs, check. Saddle packed, check. Packing in general (of course I waited until the last minute), check.

Time to hit the road. Barely in the next town is when I saw the true Wisconsinite, driving his Harley down the highway in full leathers. Big ole’ flag attached to the back of his bike and, I shit you not, a dog riding bitch. I probably had to do about 7 double takes before I realized this poor dog was real… He too, was in full leathers just like his counterpart, but the dog had doggy goggles on and a black leather baseball cap.

I was in the middle of Wisconsin when the truck driver blew me a kiss from his cab. What does it mean if a truck driver blows you a kiss? Is it good luck, since they are on the road all the time? Or is it bad luck, because, well, let’s face it, truck drivers can be creepy?

I took a deep breath when I got to Iowa. The boring state… “I could do this!” I kept telling myself. I got into Cascade, IA and up ahead is an eagle soaring ahead as if he was leading the way. I’ve got this thing for Eagles. I find whenever I see one, usually luck follows me.

Iowa did not bother me one bit driving through. The main things about Iowa is: 1) The speed limit is 70 (of course I went 80) 2) There is no shortage of country music on the radio 3) There is corn in beautiful, perfect rows EVERYWHERE 4) Almost as abundant as the corn, are herds of Black Angus 5) Equally as plentiful are the sunflowers in the ditches and 6) Everyone thinks YOU have an accent!

The Ipod never failed me. Although about an hour left of the trip I got stuck on this one song by Julie Roberts “Break Down Here”.
God help me keep me movin somehow
Don't let me start wishin I was with him now

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