Wednesday, January 5, 2011

January 5, 2011: 5 Years Ago, it was Love at First Sight

I've already told the story of how Ray and I met. Interesting enough, January 5th use to be the day I hated the most. You see, the first dog I ever had, was an English Bulldog named Dallas. She was older when we had gotten her, and you could tell she had already lived a tough life. She never held a grudge though, and when she became part of our family, you never would have known she suffered in the past. I loved that dog more than anything and when the day came that she took her final trip to Heaven, I never thought I could hurt as much as I did. She passed away January 5, 2000. You'll notice when you love someone and they die, the day of their death almost has a black cloud over it. It can be a beautiful day out with not a cloud in the sky, but it's a reminder that it was the day your loved one got taken away from you.

Maybe that's why I find it so remarkable that 6 years later, there would be a Ray of sunshine.