Friday, November 27, 2009

September 26, 2009: Long Beach, WA: State #8

Long Beach, Washington has probably been my favorite ride without Ray. ( It wasn’t exciting as far as things we saw, but the experience was incredible.

Again, it was just Christine and I and the wrangler, who was just amazing. The ocean was so loud, it sounded as if a freight train was coming through. My horses’ name was Spruce and we did A LOT of loping! Running on the beach was dreamlike, only something I ever saw on movies. The horses would run and we’d have to stop after awhile because we were laughing so much! You know how you get when you are doing something really fun and it and just makes you happy? For someone who had never been on a horse before, Christine proved to be a natural! And did it all in Sandals… :)

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